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Patricia Nicol - Sucking Eggs (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Patricia Nicol - Sucking Eggs (What your wartime granny could teach you about diet, thrift & going green).

In our age of globalisation, climate change, unprecedented consumption and limited resources, the good news is that we do not have to look far back in our own history for a handy lesson in making seismic lifestyle changes.

Our grannies can show us the way.

They wasted almost nothing; they recycled; they bought locally; they 'dug for victory' and grew their own vegetables. Theirs was not a disposable culture: they made do and mended; they salvaged; they were early anti-consumerists dressed in utility clothing. They did thrift years before it became a fashion model's fad: the second-hand shop and the recycling bin were their invention.

Their heroic self-sacrifices and the austerity measures that were put into place made a huge difference to this country's survival - perhaps we should think about this as we face the different, but arguably just as urgent, challenges of this century.

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  • Published : 2010 (Vantage)
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External Reviews

"Charming and perceptive romp through the ration books. Much of the book's fun is in the deft way Nicol weaves together examples of can-do thrifty propaganda. She has trawled the Imperial War Museum and the National Archives and come up with some gems" - Bee Wilson, Sunday Times.

"Fascinating slice of social history . . . with painstaking research, a good helping of north-east commonsense and glorious illustrations taken from Ministry of Information posters from the 1930's and '40's, she demonstrates how this generation could learn a lot from the self-sacrifice and austerity of the war years." - The Press and Journal.

The Author

Patricia Nicol is a journalist. She was born in Aberdeen in 1971, and brought up in Scotland, the UAE, England and Brazil. She studied English at the University of York and newspaper journalism at Cardiff Journalism School, University of Wales.