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Patrick Moore - Guide To Comets (2nd Hand Hardback)

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  • Format : Standard Slim 2nd Hand Hardback.
  • Condition : Good (Solid, complete & clean, no damage or damp, but there is a very slight "old book whiff")
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Geography
  • Published : 1977 (Butterworth Press - Revised & Updated)
  • ISBN : 071882315x
  • SKU : B001584
  • PPC : LL350gm
  • RRP : £4.50
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A highly informative account of those elusive visitors from space that have mystified man for many centuries.

Past civilisations considered comets to be harbingers of disaster or omens of divine intent; military successes and failures were often attributed to the appearance of a comet over the battle field. And in 1456, Pope Calistus III was said to have excommunicated a comet (later charted by and named after Edmond Halley) as an agent of the devil!

Patrick Moore sets out by explaining the basic structure of a comet and its relation to the rest of the solar system, describing the effects that the planets - especially Jupiter - can have on comets' orbits. The author indicates that anyone with keen eyesight can become a comet hunter, and may be able to contribute information about position, orbit, brightness and periodicity.

The book also describes the famous comets of the past: Halley's comet, the first comet to be recognised as periodical; Biela's comet, which split in two and dissolved into a shower of shooting stars; and the recent crop of comets such as Bennett's, Arend-Roland, Ikeyi-Seki, West's, and the great comet disappointment of 1973-4 - Kohoutek.

The book is illustrated with explanatory diagrams and photographs, and includes tables of the known periodic comets and a glossary of terms. It will be invaluable for both the amateur astronomer and the casual viewer of the night sky.


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