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Philip K. Dick - The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (2nd Hand Paperback)

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The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch is a 1964 science fiction novel by American writer Philip K. Dick. It was nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel in 1965.

Like many of Dick's novels, it utilizes an array of science fiction concepts and explores the ambiguous slippage between reality and unreality.

In the overcrowded world and cramped space colonies of the late 21st Century, tedium can be endured through the use of the drug Can-D, which enables the user to inhabit a shared illusory world.

When industrialist Palmer Eldritch returns from an interstellar trip, he brings with him a new drug, Chew-Z, which is far more potent than Can-D, but threatens to plunge the world into a permanent state of drugged illusion controlled by the mysterious Eldritch.

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch is, by universal consent, one of his three key novels, and the book in which he first took his perennial interest in the fragile nature of reality to a new level of imaginative intensity.

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback.
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  • Category : Fiction - Science Fiction
  • Published : 1964 (This Edition 2003 - Gollancz / SF Masterworks)
  • ISBN : 9780575074804
  • SKU : B002944
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External Reviews

"Dick quietly produced serious fiction in a popular form and there can be no greater praise." - Michael Moorcock.

"One of the genuine visionaries that North American fiction has produced." - LA Weekly.

" . . . it’s over the top, bizarre, absurd, and yet all fits together. PKD’s underlying commentaries on religion and the drug culture are both erudite and socially informed. The author also applies a generous portion of irony and outrageous circumstance to an already volatile mix, like evolution of humans into a neo-bug-like thing. Critics before me have said that it is one of his best and I must wholeheartedly agree." - Goodreads Review.

The Author

Philip Kindred Dick (December 16, 1928 - March 2, 1982) was an American writer known for his work in science fiction. He wrote 44 published novels and approximately 121 short stories, most of which appeared in science fiction magazines during his lifetime.

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