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Rene La Sagne - The Complete Book of Mince (2nd Hand Hardback)

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In the days before low-fat this and zero-calorie that, and in an era when obesity only showed itself in the occasional family who were a little on the big-boned side, generations ate in moderation and were happily brought up on traditional home-cooked family food and handed-down recipes.

Of all these staples, mince was one of the most accessible and popular foods.

Brighten your day and life with this funny book full of insights on life while you cook the nation's favourite staple - mince - in 72 different ways. Includes 72 recipes for mince: turkey, beef, chicken and vegetarian recipes. This hilarious cookbook explores the life of Rene La Sagne, and how he has opened his cafe that serves mostly mince near Glasgow, and expert tips on serving mince to a nation that prizes mince above all else.

  • Format : Slightly Larger 2nd Hand Hardback
  • Condition : Good
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Cookbooks, Food & Drink
  • Published : 2008 (Waverley Books)
  • ISBN : 9781902407746
  • SKU : B001264
  • PPC : LL750gm
  • RRP : £15.99
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External Reviews

 . . . Chef Rene La Sagne says : "Since I came to live in Scotland, my life is mince!" *

. . .

* Mince also being Glaswegian slang for "Not Good", "Rubbish" and/or "Piss-Poor" :)

The Author
Rene La Sagne was born in LaSagne Switzerland, and served as a sous chef in a bottom bucket hotel in Paris until he was sacked for taking a lunch hour.

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