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Russ Coffey - Dennis Nilsen (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Subtitled : Conversations with Britain's Most Evil Serial Killer.

In February 1983 civil servant Dennis Nilsen was arrested after body parts were found to be blocking drains at the house where he lived. As the squad car drove him away, he confessed he had strangled 15 young men.

It wasn't just the crimes that stunned; it was also the way he spoke. Nilsen said he had loved the young men he killed. His words seemed bizarre. When newspapers carried stories of how the 37-year-old lured men back to his flat and why, the nation was shocked by his sheer evil. Yet some psychiatrists considered him a man of rare, complex, and extreme psychological problems.

In addition, none of them had met a killer who seemed so keen to understand his own psyche. Whilst on remand in Brixton Prison, Nilsen filled 55 exercise books with thoughts. During his subsequent thirty years in prison he has continued to write, most notably on the first draft of a multi-volume autobiography. The Home Office has now banned it, calling the work pornographic and outrageous.

Only one journalist has read the book. Using exclusive access to Nilsen's writing and extensive independent research, Russ Coffey explains what Nilsen says and how much of it we can believe. This is a shocking glimpse into the mind of a killer.

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  • Published : 2013 (John Blake Publishing)
  • ISBN : 9781782194590
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    External Reviews

    "Many true crime books I've read simply use the same material that has appeared elsewhere countless times. What I liked about this book was the amount of new research the author has done. Using his access to Nilsen's own writing - material that apparently the Home Office has actually banned - he explains what Nilsen thinks about his own life and then picks it apart using independent accounts. It's also interesting to hear about which other authors have been drawn to this story and about Nilsen's life in prison - what he gets up to and what he thinks. What was most powerful was learning first hand accounts of the terrible effect Nilsen's crimes had on the families of victims right after what Nilsen himself has to say . . . Definitely recommend" - Amazon Review.

    The Author

    Russ Coffey directed the award-winning documentary "Hookers For Jesus" and has written true crime books & features for the Daily Telegraph and The Times.

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