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Sally Magnusson - The Sealwoman's Gift (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Waterstones Scottish Book of the Month for July 2018.

Chosen for the Zoe Ball Book Club.

In 1627, Barbary pirates raided an island off the Iceland coast - and abducted the 400 inhabitants into slavery in Algiers. Among them was a pastor, his wife and their three children.

The pastor was sent back on a failed mission to seek ransom. But what actually happened to the women and children - what was their fate? Captive in an alien Arab culture, the pastor's wife meets the unravelling of her identity and the least bearable of losses - her three children - with the one thing she has brought from home: the sagas and folktales in her head.

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
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  • Category : Fiction - Historical Fiction
  • Published : 2018 (Two Roads)
  • ISBN : 9781473638983
  • SKU : B002447
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External Reviews

"Sally Magnusson took me into another world of which I had little knowledge but some misconceived impressions - the world of life in remote Iceland. She brings alive the mixture of starkness and rare beauty of nature's wonders, and reflects these in the behaviour, emotions and thinking of her principles characters. Introducing the importance of storytelling in the lives of the people, it emerges as a means of teaching and learning about the world, people and relationships and the meaning of love and life.
In stark contrast, we are then taken to Algiers in the 1600s, where the land, its people, its laws and its customs are not only foreign but, in many ways, diametrically opposed.

How to reconcile one's life experience in the face of such enormous change? That became. for me, the greatest learning from this absorbing piece of wonderful storytelling" - Booktopia Review.

'From the first, it leaps from the page . . . I enjoyed and admired it in equal measure' - Sarah Perry, author of The Essex Serpent.

'Icelandic history has been brought to extraordinary life. I was swept up in the story and the vivid plight of people taken away from everything they knew and understood. An accomplished and intelligent novel.' - Yrsa Sigurdardottir.

'Remarkably accomplished. The true story behind the novel is almost preposterously epic, yet she brings it to life by inhabiting the minds of her characters' - The Scotsman.

'A compelling read. While a historical novel, it also contains contemporary resonances, particularly in the way it examines how different people integrate into a society that is completely foreign to them' - The Bookseller.

The Author

Sally Magnusson, is a Scottish broadcaster and writer. She is the presenter of Reporting Scotland for BBC Scotland as well as Tracing Your Roots on BBC Radio 4 and was one of the main presenters of the long-running religious television programme Songs of Praise.

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