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Sally Rooney - Conversations With Friends (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Winner - The Sunday Times Young Writer of The Year.

Frances is twenty-one years old, cool-headed, and darkly observant. A college student in Dublin and aspiring writer, she works at a literary agency by day. At night, she performs spoken word with her best friend Bobbi, who used to be her girlfriend.

When they are profiled by Melissa, a well-known journalist, they enter an exotic orbit of beautiful houses, raucous dinner parties and holidays in Provence.

Initially unimpressed, Frances finds herself embroiled in a risky menage-a-quatre when she begins an affair with Nick, Melissa's actor husband. Desperate to reconcile herself to the desires and vulnerabilities of her body, Frances's intellectual certainties begin to yield to something new - a painful and disorienting way of living from moment to moment.

However you choose to read it, it is an unforgettable novel about the possibility of love.

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
  • Condition : Good
  • Category : Fiction - Love & Romance
  • Published : 2017 (This Edition 2018 - Faber & Faber)
  • ISBN : 9780571333134
  • SKU : B002159
  • PPC : SP300gm
  • RRP : £8.99
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.
External Reviews

" . . . rapid conversations, along with Rooney's exhilarating prose, make the novel move at a dizzying pace. Well worth reading."

"Compelling and cool, Conversations with Friends places millennial malaise and an unexpected love affair against the backdrop of summertime Dublin."  - Goodreads Reviews.

"Consistently wonderful" - New Yorker.

'It is a narrative of self-discovery, as you might expect from the protagonist’s age. But that is about the only expectation that isn’t subverted in this tireless, probing and, above all, highly intelligent novel.' - The Sunday Times.

The Author

Sally Rooney was born in 1991 and lives in Dublin, where she graduated from an MA at Trinity College in 2013. Her debut novel, Conversations with Friends, was published in 2017. It was followed by Normal People in 2018, which was adapted into a 2020 television series.

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