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Sebastian Faulks - Paris Echo (2nd Hand Paperback)

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"It was so twentieth century and concrete and hard and opened up to the sky with no alleys or big wooden doorways. ‘Unforgiving’ might be a word for it."

Here is Paris as you have never seen it before, harsh and relentless, a place to be lonely or lost - a city in which every building seems to hold the echo of an unacknowledged past, the shadows of Vichy and Algeria.

Into this city come two strangers: American postdoctoral researcher Hannah and runaway Moroccan teenager Tariq have little in common, yet both are susceptible to the daylight ghosts of Paris. Hannah listens to the extraordinary witness of women who were present under the German Occupation; in her desire to understand their lives, and through them her own, she finds a city bursting with clues and connections.

Meanwhile, out in the migrant suburbs, Tariq is searching for a mother he barely knew. For him in his innocence, each boulevard, Metro station and street corner is a source of surprise.

Described as 'the most impressive novelist of his generation' by the Sunday Telegraph, Sebastian Faulks has crafted a novel that brings together a city’s urgent present with its inescapable past. In this urgent and deeply moving novel, Faulks deals with questions of empire, grievance and identity, considering how, as individuals and societies - we learn to make peace with our history. With great originality and a dark humour, Paris Echo asks how much we really need to know if we are to live a valuable life.

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
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  • Category : Fiction - Historical Fiction
  • Published : 2018
  • ISBN : 9781784704100
  • SKU : B000928
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External Reviews

"Sebastian Faulks, renowned Francophile, sets his new novel in Paris and his affection for and knowledge of that city is apparent in every page. Paris Echo gives us a detailed look at Paris today – not the city that the tourists see but rather what lies behind that glamorous façade for this is the Paris of migrant workers and lost souls. So vivid is the description of travelling around Paris by metro that the novel could well serve as a sort of tourist guide for visitors who want a different view of the city and its varied inhabitants. But the story also dips back in time to Paris of the 1940’s under Nazi occupation and Faulks keeps in the forefront of the reader’s mind the way in which echoes of the past can be ever detected in the present." - Amazon Review.

The Author

Sebastian Charles Faulks CBE FRSL (born 20 April 1953) is a British novelist, journalist and broadcaster. He is best known for his historical novels set in France - The Girl at the Lion d'Or, Birdsong and Charlotte Gray.

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