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Seriously Curious (The Economist explains . . . ) (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Editor : Tom Standage

The Facts and Figures that Turn Our World Upside Down.

Smart, savvy answers to universal questions, from the highly popular The Economist Explains and Daily Chart blogs-a treat for the knowing, the uninitiated, and the downright curious.

Seriously Curious: The Facts and Figures that Turn Our World Upside Down brings together the very best explained and charts, written and created by top journalists to help us understand such brain-bending conundrums as why Swedes overpay their taxes, why America still allows child marriage, and what the link is between avocados and crime. Subjects both topical and timeless, profound and peculiar, are explained with The Economist‘s trademark wit and verve. 

The Economist Explains and its online sister, the Daily Chart, are the two most popular blogs on The Economist‘s website. Together, these online giants provide answers to the kinds of questions, quirky and serious, that may be puzzling anyone interested in the world around them. Want to know why exorcisms are on the rise in France or how porn consumption changed during a false alarm missile strike warning in Hawaii?

We have the answers They are sometimes surprising, often intriguing, and always enlightening.

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  • Published : 2018 (The Economist)
  • ISBN : 9781788161367
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External Reviews

"The book is split into 10 different sections ranging from science to food, to festivals to language. It covers almost everything you would never have thought of. The book is very informative yet humorous. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in economics or just the intricate workings behind the obscurities of the world. It's a quick read but nevertheless very intellectually stimulating." - Goodreads Review.

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