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Simon Briscoe & Hugh Aldersey-Williams - Panic-ology (2nd Hand Paperback)

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Putting a lit match to the lies, headlines and statistical twaddle that seeks to frighten us, this title explores 40 reasons for worry: from binge-drinking to Frankenstein foods, bird flu to alien abductions.

What exactly are your chances of being struck by a meteorite?

Think you're having less sex than the French?

How high will sea levels actually rise?

We live in an increasingly uncertain world. There's so much to worry about it is often hard to know what to really panic about. But stay calm!

For Panic-ology is the perfect (pre-Covid) answer to the conundrums and questions that bedevil modern life. It explores 40 reasons for worry: from binge-drinking to Frankenstein foods, bird flu to alien abductions - and explores what, if any, effect they will have on your life.

Why worry in ignorance when you can be a happy, informed sceptic?

  • Format : Standard 2nd Hand Paperback
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  • Category : Non-Fiction : Law, Society & Social Sciences
  • Published : 2008 (This Edition 2009 - Penguin)
  • ISBN : 9780141029863
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External Reviews

'Gloriously deft in their rebuttal of some of the more egregious cases of media-fuelled herd idiocy.' - The Observer.

'A cool and intelligent look at such issues as bird flu, global warming, terrorism, species extinction and so on' - Tibor Fischer, Sunday Telegraph.

'A reality check on the endless catalogue of disasters that are supposed to wait us.' - New Statesman.

'An uplifting and very interesting sceptics' concordance to everything we read in the news. I recommend it.' - Daily Telegraph.

'Upbeat and reassuring . . . sets out to cure us . . . by taking a dispassionate look at some Top 40 Scares' - Scotland on Sunday.

The Authors

Simon Briscoe holds a degree is social sciences and has worked in the civil service, investment banking, and has been the statistics editor at The Financial Times in the UK since 1999. He lives in London.

Hugh Aldersey-Williams is an author and journalist from the United Kingdom. Aldersey-Williams was educated at Highgate School and studied the natural sciences at the University of Cambridge. His several books discuss issues surrounding natural and man-made designs