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Sinclair McKay - The Secret Life of Bletchley Park (2nd Hand Paperback)

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  • Category : Non-Fiction - War & Civil War
  • Published : 2010 (Aurum)
  • ISBN : 9781845136338
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Bletchley Park has played a vital role in British history.

This Victorian country house in the Buckinghamshire countryside was was where one of the war’s most famous – and crucial – achievements was made: the cracking of Germany’ s 'Enigma' code in which its most important military communications were couched. It was home to some of Britain’s most brilliant mathematical brains, such as Alan Turing, and the scene of immense advances in technology – indeed, the birth of modern computing.

The military codes deciphered there were instrumental in turning both the Battle of the Atlantic and the war in North Africa. But, though plenty has been written about the boffins, and the code-breaking, fictional and non-fiction - from Robert Harris and Ian McEwan to Andrew Hodges’ biography of Turing - what of the thousands of men and women who lived and worked there during the war? What was life like for them – an odd, secret territory between the civilian and the military?

This is the first oral history of life at Bletchley Park, an amazing compendium of memories from people now in their eighties - of skating on the frozen lake in the grounds (a depressed Angus Wilson, the novelist, once threw himself in) - of a youthful Roy Jenkins, useless at code-breaking, of the high jinks at nearby accommodation hostels - and of the implacable secrecy that meant girlfriend and boyfriend working in adjacent huts knew nothing about each other's work.

At the secret code-breaking centre of Bletchley Park, debutantes, factory workers, students and Wrens were thrown together with Britain's most brilliant brains, united in work of almost unbearable intensity, and even greater importance. But there was far more to their days (and nights) than the long hours spent decrypting enemy messages.

Sinclair McKay's acclaimed book reveals what life was really like for the young people whose clandestine efforts were instrumental in winning the war.


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