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Suzy Wengel - The Scandi Diet (2nd Hand Softback)

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Lose weight and keep it off with the grassroots diet sensation that has taken Scandinavia by storm, the revolutionary handful method that is hailed as "the simplest diet in the world".

The Scandi Sense Diet is the intuitive way of eating that helps you to cut calories without counting them, and adapts to your life rather than dictating it. Based on the principle of four handfuls of food per meal - proteins, carbohydrates and two of vegetables, plus a spoonful of fat - you decide the ingredients. No calorie-counting, no hard-to-source ingredients and no exercise - unless you want to.

The Scandi Sense Diet is not just about looking good - although it does work wonders on the physique. It takes a scientific approach that ensures good health across the board, including regulating blood sugar and cholesterol.

Suzy Wengel's 9-day plan is irresistibly simple, and has proven results that can be seen in the book's case studies. Put an end to yo-yo dieting and enjoy three satisfying meals each day, easily planned with your own two hands.

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  • Published : 2018 (Mitchell Beazley)
  • ISBN : 9781784725006
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External Reviews

"I love this book. I have struggled with various diets, eating plans etc but this book has shown me a healthy, delicious way to eat and i love it. I've lost weight and continue to do so. It's not a diet, it's a delicious healthy way to eat and at no point have I felt like I've been on a diet, just rediscovered how to live with a healthy and balanced diet. There's no fad, no low fat etc. Highly recommend this book."

"This book is perfect! The principle is so simple that I wish I'd tried it years ago. The recopies are delicious and the information is straightforward. I've been using this principle and the Facebook group for 6 months now and it honestly works. Weight is coming off steadily and it's an absolute joy to use this principle rather than counting points etc. So freeing, you can pretty much fit anything into the plan. Try it . . ." - Google Reviews.

"This book is very good most informative with great illustrations, so good my daughter pinched mine and I had to buy another . . ." - Ebay Review.

The Author

Suzi Wengel is a nutritional advisor, lecturer, scientific researcher and director of the biotech company RiboTask. Suzy developed the Sense Diet to overcome her own weight gain, and it enabled her to lose 88lbs in 9 months. She has since helped hundreds of clients to achieve their own goals by following the diet. She has written The Scandi Sense Diet so that you can see the benefits for yourself at home. Suzy lives in Denmark with her husband Jesper and their five children.