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The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Tour of Britain (2nd Hand Softback)

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The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book was 2018's bestselling Christmas gift book, now meet The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Tour of Britain. Back with brand new maps, and bigger and better brainteasers!

In The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Tour of Britain map your way around Britain in 40 new regional maps, with hundreds of puzzles, mind-boggling brainteasers, navigational tests, word games, code-crackers, anagrams and mathematical conundrums to keep you occupied as you go!

With maps covering the 8 areas of South-West England, South-East England, the Midlands, East England, North-West England, North-East England, Wales and Scotland, you'll put your knowledge and skills to the test and become a local - as you discover amazing facts about each region's folklore, famous historical events and the perfect day out from the OS's GetOutside Champions.

With four levels of difficulty that make this fun for all the family, The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Tour of Britain is also a celebration of the regional diversity, history and landscapes that make Great Britain so great.

The Ordnance Survey Puzzle Tour of Britain Paperback edition by Ordnance Survey.

  • Format : Standard, Glossy, Full Colour 2nd Hand Softback.
  • Condition : As New
  • Category : Non-Fiction - Sports & Pastimes
  • Published : 2019 (OS / Trapeze / Orion Books)
  • ISBN : 9781409184713
  • SKU : B002553
  • PPC : LL650gm
  • RRP : £14.99
  • Quantity Available : 1 only.
External Reviews

"Surprised at the great quality of this book. Lots of OS maps with interesting facts and quizzes for all abilities. Great book for gifting . . ."

"I love reading maps and so this was a great gift from a work colleague. There are 40 maps of different scales and each one had a series of questions making you search the map for the answers. The questions go from easy to fiendish. A brief history of the map area is given which I found informative." - Goodreads Reviews.

The Publisher

Ordnance Survey is the national mapping agency for Great Britain. The agency's name indicates its original military purpose, which was to map Scotland in the wake of the Jacobite rising of 1745. There was also a more general and nationwide need in light of the potential threat of invasion during the Napoleonic Wars.