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Thomas Toughill - The Ripper Code (2nd Hand Hardback)

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The Ripper Code is a fascinating combination of literary and conventional detective work, which is as original as it is enthralling. Thomas Toughill applies his detective skills to one of the greatest mysteries, the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Toughill suggests that Jack the Ripper was a former "friend" of Oscar Wilde and that Wilde dropped hints about this in several of his works, most notably The Picture of Dorian Gray, which Wilde wrote in 1889, the year after the Ripper murders took place.

In fascinating detail, the author argues that Wilde's story, that of a privileged man whose life of vice in the East End of London turns him into a murderer, is in fact a coded message about the Ripper's identity.

However, The Ripper Code is not just a fascinating voyage through the writings of Oscar Wilde and others. It is also a striking example of original detective work. Here, as in his previous books, Toughill unveils stunning evidence from a hitherto untapped source and uses it to devastating effect in arguing his case.

The author also claims that Jack the Ripper was placed in an asylum after the last murder in order to keep secret a royal indiscretion, and that Marie Belloc Lowndes based her famous novel The Lodger on what she had learned about the Ripper from her friend Wilde.

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  • Published : 2008 (Sutton Publishing/The History Press - 1st Edition, 1st Printing - Note : No quote at top of front cover)
  • ISBN : 9780750948753
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External Reviews

"This book closely analyses the circumstances and characters involved in the killings as well as drawing on previously , to me anyway, unknown connections. I do not know whether his conclusion is correct or not but I found his theories and arguments very plausible." - Amazon Review.

The Author

Thomas Toughill is a non-fiction author born in Glasgow, Scotland. His works include Oscar Slater: The Mystery Solved, Oscar Slater: The Immortal Case of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, World To Gain: The Battle For Global Domination And Why America Entered WWII and The Ripper Code.